Chapter 7 Interactive Maps

7.1 Learning Objectives

  • Explore the various options in R for interactive mapping in 3 packages:
    • tmap,
    • mapview, and
    • leaflet

7.2 Functions Learned

  • tmap_mode
  • mapview
  • leaflet
  • addProviderTiles
  • addCircles

7.3 Overview

This workshop teaches section Chapter 8.4: Interactive Maps of Geocomputation with R.

It also digs into the vignettes for mapview, which can be found at the mapview documentation website.

7.4 Interactive Tutorial

This workshop’s R Markdown can be found here.

7.5 R Training Workshop

I will be teaching a day-long “R for Social Scientists” Data Carpentry workshop on April 12 at the Center for Spatial Data Science.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Introduction to R
  • Working with data types, strings, and dates in R
  • Manipulating data frames in R
  • Data visualization in R

…and lunch will be provided!

Please register at this link if you are interested!

7.6 Next week(s?)

What topics do you want me to cover? Fill out this Google Form and I’ll see what I can do!